Lerner, Max

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Nine Scorpions in a Bottle
Great Judges and Cases of the Supreme Court
By Max Lerner, Contributions by Stephen Wermiel, Edited by Richard Cummings
(Arcade Publishing)
An eye-opening look by a renowned expert at one of the most important institutions in American democracy.To many Americans, the United States Supreme Court continues to loom large as an unimpeachable symbol of the rule of law and the triumph of justice. But behind that towering façade there has been... [READ MORE]
Wounded Titans
American Presidents and the Perils of Power
By Max Lerner, Edited by Robert Schmuhl, Foreword by David Greenberg
(Arcade Publishing)
“Readers who miss the magisterial pronunciamentos of the late Max Lerner . . . will relish this collection of Lerner’s writings on a subject that preoccupied him.” —Booklist Max Lerner taught generations of Americans about their government. For almost half a century, the office of the presidency preoccupied... [READ MORE]
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