Fontenoy, Maud

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Across the Savage Sea
The Epic Journey of the First Woman to Row Across the North Atlantic
By Maud Fontenoy, Translated by Martin Sobolinsky, Foreword by Gerard d'Aboville
(Arcade Publishing)
Over the last century only six men had defied the power of nature and successfully rowed across the Atlantic from west to east. Maud Fontenoy, a 2005 Time (Europe) Hero, changed that forever when she became the first woman to do so. In 2003 Fontenoy, a young woman and seasoned mariner, set out from Newfoundland... [READ MORE]
Challenging the Pacific
The First Woman to Row the Kon-Tiki Route
By Maud Fontenoy
(Arcade Publishing)
Just two years after rowing solo across the North Atlantic at the age of twenty-five, Maud Fontenoy was ready for a new challenge—crossing the Pacific Ocean. Leaving from Lima, Peru, and traveling 4,400 miles in seventy-three days, Fontenoy landed in Hiva Oa in French Polynesia, becoming the first woman... [READ MORE]
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