Petro, Pamela

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Stories provide the connective tissue of the South. The intrepid Pamela Petro drives from the Carolinas to the Appalachians to the Atlantic seaboard, from Virginia's valleys to Louisiana's swamps to meet the mesmerizing guardians of its history: the storytellers, who often double as local, or national,... [READ MORE]
Sitting Up with the Dead
A Storied Journey through the American South
By Pamela Petro, Foreword by Jimmy Neil Smith
(Arcade Publishing)
For the first time in paperback, an acclaimed look at the American South through the lenses of its most acclaimed storytellers and their tales.Rarely does a nonfiction work come along that is as original and refreshing as Sitting Up with the Dead. Here, take a ride with Pamela Petro as she embarks on... [READ MORE]
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