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Lost on Treasure Island
A Memoir of Longing, Love, and Lousy Choices in New York City
Steve Friedman, Steve Friedman
When Midwesterner Steve Friedman arrived in Manhattan, the land of the quick and the mean, raring to go and ready to conquer, he soon found pitfalls and pratfalls more numerous and perilous than he had ever imagined. Here is his utterly honest, often...

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A Life in Music
Daniel Barenboim, Daniel Barenboim
A Life in Music reviews five decades of the rich and uniquely varied musical life of Daniel Barenboim. A child prodigy as a pianist and a virtuoso conductor of symphonies and opera, he has known and worked with many of the most distinguished and...

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Memories of the Great and the Good
Alistair Cooke, Alistair Cooke
Over the course of his distinguished career as a foreign correspondent, which spanned more than sixty years, Alistair Cooke had known, interviewed, or reported on literally hundreds of the most influential men and women of the twentieth century. Here...

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Daughter of Heaven
A Memoir with Earthly Recipes
Leslie Li, Leslie Li
In this powerful, touching memoir of a critically acclaimed Chinese-American writer, taste becomes the keeper of memory and food the keeper of culture when Nai-nai, her extraordinary grandmother, arrives from mainland China.Leslie Li’s...

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Memoir in Two Voices
Rancois Mitterrand, Rancois Mitterrand
Near the end of his second term as president of France, François Mitterrand decided to talk openly about his life, both personal and political. President for fourteen years, longer than anyone else in the history of the French Republic...

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Horses Don't Fly
The Memoir of the Cowboy Who Became a World War I Ace
Frederick Libby, Frederick Libby
From breaking wild horses in Colorado to fighting the Red Baron's squadrons in the skies over France, here in his own words is the true story of a forgotten American hero: the cowboy who became our first ace and the first pilot to fly the American...

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In the Twilight of Memory
June Juanico, June Juanico
She was a good girl from Biloxi, Mississippi; he was a rockabilly singer on the verge of stardom. They fell in love in the summer of 1956, and found a timeless moment of innocence and simple pleasure. In this acclaimed, intimate portrait of the...

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Since My Last Confession
A Gay Catholic Memoir
Scott Pomfret, Scott Pomfret
Scott Pomfret serves as a lector at St. Anthony Shrine in Boston. He also writes gay porn. His boyfriend is a flaming atheist, and his boyfriend’s Protestant grandmother considers Catholicism a sin worse than sodomy. From Pentecost to Pride...

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The Secret Lives of Somerset Maugham
A Biography
Selina Hastings, Selina Hastings
He was a brilliant teller of tales, one of the most widely read authors of the twentieth century, and at one time the most famous writer in the world, yet W. Somerset Maugham’s own true story has never been fully told. At last, the truth is...

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Georges Braque
A Life
Alex Danchev, Alex Danchev
Together with Picasso and Matisse, Georges Braque is unquestionably one of the three great pillars of twentieth-century art. Here is the first full-length biography of this remarkable figure. A pioneer of modern art and founder of Cubism, Georges...

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