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Greed, Inc.
Why Corporations Rule the World and How We Let It Happen
Wade Rowland, Wade Rowland
Why is it that multinational drug companies hide or falsify unfavorable results? Why do automakers knowingly sell us unsafe cars? Why is big business allowed to poison our environment—and us? Why is our food so unhealthy, with obesity growing at...

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Casey's Law
If Something Can Go Right, It Should
Al Casey, Al Casey
Murphy’s Law tells us that if something can go wrong, it will. Al Casey tells us: If things can go right, they should. But you’ve got to make them go right by working hard. One of the most successful—and original—American...

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Greed, Inc.
Why Corporations Rule Our World
Wade Rowland
A searing indictment of modern corporations, which enjoy the legal status of individuals but are not bound by the same legal and moral...

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Car Wars
Fifty Years of Backstabbing, Infighting, And Industrial Espionage ....
Mantle Jonathan, Mantle Jonathan
An unorthodox history of competition and corporate backstabbing among the automotive...

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Winning through Intimidation
How to Be the Victor Instead of the Victim in All Areas of Life
Robert Ringer
The completely updated classic and New York Times #1 bestseller that has captivated millions of readers...

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The Way to Wealth
Advice, Hints, and Tips on Business, Money, and Finance
Benjamin Franklin
Sound financial advice from America’s wisest...

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Team Secrets of the Navy SEALs
The Elite Military Force's Leadership Principles for Business
Anonymous Anonymous, Robert "Bob" Needham, Robert Needham
For business professionals who want to make it in today's extremely aggressive business...

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The Case that Brought Down the Visa/MasterCard Bank Cartel
Lloyd Constantine
"He won't discuss money, but he now accepts Visa: Settlement, $3 billion, taking on MasterCard, Priceless."—the New York...

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On Leadership
Essential Principles for Business, Political, and Personal Success
Donald J. Palmisano
“Whether you’re looking to improve a management style or inspire others, this book is an invaluable tool.”—Bill Frist, former U.S. Senate Majority...

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Odd Jobs
How to Have Fun and Make Money in a Bad Economy
Abigail R. Gehring
"Abigail is a terrific writer, and this book will both entertain and enlighten. Best of all, it will help you realize that what you do all day really is up to you." -- Seth...

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