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The Weather Factor
How Nature Has Changed History
Erik Durschmied, Erik Durschmied
From the author of The Hinge Factor comes a thrilling, page-turning series of dramatic historical re-creations revealing how the fate of humankind has often been decided by the uncontrollable, unpredictable power of weather. From the doomed campaigns...

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The Dance of Time
The Origins of the Calendar
Michael Judge, Michael Judge
Did you know that the ancient Romans left sixty days of winter out of their calendar, considering these two months a dead time of lurking terror and therefore better left unnamed? That they had a horror of even numbers, hence the tendency for months...

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They Shall Not Have Me
The Capture, Forced Labor, and Escape of a French Prisoner in World War II
Jean Helion, Jean Helion
The French painter Jean Hélion’s unique and deeply moving account of his experiences in Nazi prisoner-of-war camps prefigures the even darker stories that would emerge from the concentration camps. This serious adventure tale begins with...

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Warriors of Disinformation
How Lies, Videotape, and the USIA Won the Cold War
Alvin A. Snyder, Alvin A. Snyder
Have you ever thought about what really goes on behind the walls of the White House or the Pentagon? Particularly in times of political upheaval, it often seems that the government and the media work together to keep the voting public confused and...

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Galileo's Mistake
A New Look at the Epic Confrontation between Galileo and the Church
Wade Rowland, Wade Rowland
The modern understanding of the notorious 1633 trial of Galileo is that of Science and Reason persecuted by Ignorance and Superstition—of Galileo as a lonely, courageous freethinker oppressed by a reactionary and anti-intellectual institution...

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The Invention of India
Shashi Tharoor, Shashi Tharoor
Shashi Tharoor delivers an incisive biography of the great secularist who—alongside his spiritual father, Mahatma Gandhi—led the movement for India’s independence from British rule and ushered his newly independent country into the...

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From Midnight to the Millennium and Beyond
Shashi Tharoor, Shashi Tharoor
At the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, a new nation was born. It has seventeen major languages and 22,000 distinct dialects. It has over a billion individuals of every ethnic extraction known to humanity. It has a population that is 32 percent...

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Roman's Journey
An Extraordinary Odyssey of Holocaust Survival
Roman Halter, Roman Halter
Roman Halter was a spirited, optimistic schoolboy in 1939 when he and his family gathered behind the curtains to watch the Volksdeutsche (German Polish) neighbors of their small town in western Poland greet the arrival of Hitler’s armies with...

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The Hitler Virus
The Insidious Legacy of Adolph Hitler
Peter Wyden, Peter Wyden
More than a half-century after Adolf Hitler committed suicide in a Berlin bunker, the dictator’s legacy and influence lives on, precisely as he predicted before putting the gun to his head. In the spring of 1945, as it became increasingly clear...

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Africa Doesn't Matter
How the West Has Failed the Poorest Continent and What We Can Do About It
Giles Bolton, Giles Bolton
What happens to the billions of aid dollars given yearly? Why do trade rules that fail African countries also cost us at the checkout line? Why don’t the African people matter? In this engaging, jargon-free, reader-friendly guide, longtime aid...

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