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Patpong Sisters
An American Woman's View of the Bangkok Sex World
Cleo Odzer, Cleo Odzer
Cleo Odzer, a young American anthropologist, spent three years studying Bangkok’s red-light district, Patpong, an area of a few blocks teeming with bars and explicit sex shows. Patpong is now world famous for its available and extremely...

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I Was Saddam's Son
Latif Yahia
The explosive and thrilling true story of the man who was forced to become Uday Hussein's body...

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What You Should Know About Politics . . . But Don't
A Non-Partisan Guide to the Issues That Matter
Jessamyn Conrad, Jessamyn Conrad
Now in its second edition, here is one of the first and only issue-based nonpartisan guides to contemporary American politics. It’s a very exciting time in American politics. Voter turnout in primaries and caucuses across the nation has...

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In the Name of Identity
Violence and the Need to Belong
Amin Maalouf, Amin Maalouf
I want to try and understand why so many people commit crimes in the name of identity,” writes Amin Maalouf. Identity is the crucible out of which we come: our background, our race, our gender, our tribal affiliations, our religion (or lack...

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Past and Future
Michael Harrington, Michael Harrington
On learning his cancer was inoperable, renowned intellectual Michael Harrington simply asked the doctors to keep him alive long enough “to complete a summary statement of the themes I had thought of throughout an activist life.” And they...

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Green Ribbons and Turbans
Young Iranians Against the Mullahs
Armin Arefi, Armin Arefi
During the last presidential election in Iran, nonviolent protestors defied the mullahs’ power by wearing green ribbons on their wrists. In June of 2009, the inhabitants of Tehran were living underground to escape the government’s...

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The Elephant, The Tiger, and the Cellphone
India, the Emerging 21st-Century Power
Shashi Tharoor, Shashi Tharoor
Interest in India has never been greater. Here Shashi Tharoor, one of the subcontinent’s most respected writers and diplomats, offers precious insights into this complex, multifaceted land, which despite its dazzling diversity of languages...

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Race Manners
Navigating the Minefield Between Black and White Americans
Bruce A. Jacobs, Bruce A. Jacobs
On a plane, a black passenger nervously scrutinizes an Arab–American passenger. In front of a store, a white woman clutches her purse as a black man walks by. In conversation, the topic of race comes up and both people wonder what they are...

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What You Should Know About Politics...But Don't
A Nonpartisan Guide to the Issues
Jessamyn Conrad
The first and only issue-based nonpartisan guide to contemporary American...

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Scrolling Forward
Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age
David M. Levy, David M. Levy
Scrolling Forward takes a common, everyday object--the document--and illuminates what it reveals about us, both in the past and as we move into the digital...

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