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Alaskan Travels
Far-Flung Tales of Love and Adventure
Edward Hoagland, Edward Hoagland
Thirty years ago, celebrated American writer Edward Hoagland, in his early fifties and already with a dozen acclaimed books under his belt, had a choice: a midlife crisis or a midlife adventure. He chose the adventure. Pencil and notebook at the...

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Trail of Feathers
In Search of the Birdmen of Peru
Tahir Shah, Tahir Shah
A shrunken head from Peru and a feather with traces of blood are the clues that launch Tahir Shah on his latest journey. Fascinated by the recurring theme of flight in Peruvian folklore, Shah sets out to discover whether the Incas really were able to...

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In Search of King Solomon's Mines
A Modern Adventurer's Quest for Gold and History in the Land of the Queen of Sheba
Tahir Shah, Tahir Shah
King Solomon, the Bible’s wisest king, possessed extraordinary wealth. The grand temple he built in Jerusalem was covered in gold from the porch to the inner sanctum, where the Ark of the Covenant was kept. Long before H. Rider Haggard’s...

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Challenging the Pacific
The First Woman to Row the Kon-Tiki Route
Maud Fontenoy, Maud Fontenoy
Just two years after rowing solo across the North Atlantic at the age of twenty-five, Maud Fontenoy was ready for a new challenge—crossing the Pacific Ocean. Leaving from Lima, Peru, and traveling 4,400 miles in seventy-three days, Fontenoy...

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Harry's Bar
The Life and Times of the Legendary Venice Landmark
Arrigo Cipriani, Arrigo Cipriani
A meeting place for writers, artists, models, and the stars of stage, screen, and corporate boardrooms, a luxurious restaurant whose fabulous concoctions and timeless decor have often been imitated but never matched, Harry’s Bar in Venice has...

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Swimming with Crocodiles
The True Story of a Young Man in Search of Meaning and Adventure Who Finds Himself in an Epic Struggle for Survival
Will Chaffey, Will Chaffey
In the tradition of Into the Wild, here is the riveting story of a young man seeking his own truth and finding adventure in the awesome, unforgiving power of nature. Will Chaffey is eighteen when he boards a plane in New York bound for Australia...