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The Sudden Disappearance of the Worker Bees
A Commissario Simona Tavianello Mystery
Serge Quadruppani
On vacation with her husband in an idyllic Italian valley located in Piedmont, Roman Police Inspector Simona Tavianello stops at the local beekeeper’s shop to buy some honey, where she finds a body lying in the entrance. Simona tries to avoid...

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How Eight Technologies Made Us Human, Transformed Society, and Brought Our World to the Brink
Richard L Currier
Although we usually think of technology as something unique to modern times, our ancestors began to create the first technologies millions of years ago in the form of prehistoric tools and weapons. Over time, eight key technologies gradually freed us...

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Kremlin Wives
The Secret Lives of the Women Behind the Kremlin Walls—From Lenin to Gorbachev
Larissa Vasilieva
For over seventy years the Kremlin was the bastion of the all-powerful Soviet rulers. A great deal is known about the men who held millions of fates in their iron grip, yet little is known about the women—the wives and mistresses—who shared...

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Lovely Green Eyes
A Novel
Arnost Lustig
She has hair of ginger and lovely green eyes, and she has just been transported with her family from Terezín to Auschwitz. In short order, her father commits suicide, and her mother and younger brother are dispatched to the gas chambers, but...

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Master of Thin Air
Life and Death on the World's Highest Peaks
Andrew Lock
For readers of Into Thin Air, riveting high-altitude drama and the passion and drive that inspire outsized mountaineering achievements.Master of Thin Air opens with a fall that the author very nearly could not stop down an almost vertical rock ramp...

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Still Time
A Novel
Jean Hegland
From the author of Into the Forest, a moving novel about memory, Shakespeare's green worlds, and the power of reconciliation.Until John Wilson met the warm, wise woman who became his fourth wife, the object of his most intense devotion had always been...

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An Improbable Friendship
The Remarkable Lives of Israeli Ruth Dayan and Palestinian Raymonda Tawil and Their Forty-Year Peace Mission
Anthony David
An Improbable Friendship is the dual biography of Israeli Ruth Dayan, now ninety-eight, who was Moshe Dayan’s wife for thirty-seven years, and Palestinian journalist Raymonda Tawil, Yasser Arafat’s mother-in-law, now seventy-four. It...

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The Shooting of Rabbit Wells
A White Cop, a Young Man of Color, and an American Tragedy; with a New Introduction by the Author
William Loizeaux
What put a white cop and a black youth on a tragic collision course? This moving account is more timely than ever.On a frigid winter’s night in 1973, William “Rabbit” Wells, a young man of mixed race, was shot and killed by a white...

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Cara Massimina
A Novel
Tim Parks
The first Duckworth novel is "Better than Silence of the Lambs . . . Macabre fun orchestrated with immaculate precision. It's a killer" (Los Angeles Times)Morris Duckworth teaches English to the pampered rich of Verona, and Morris is not pleased...

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Churches and Monasteries in the Holy Land
David Rapp
A stunning visual pilgrimage to the most revered Christian sites in Israel.Christianity's roots extend deep into the earth of the Holy Land, and its defining events are memorialized in its many important churches, monasteries, and convents. It was in...

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