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All Our Yesterdays
Natalia Ginzburg
From “one of the most distinguished writers of modern Italy” (New York Review of Books), a classic novel of society in the midst of a war.This powerful novel is set against the background of Italy from 1939 to 1944, from the anxious months...

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Alternating Current
Octavio Paz
In its front-page review of Alternating Current, The New York Times Book Review called Octavio Paz “an intellectual literary one-man band” for his ability to write incisively and with dazzling originality about a wide range of subjects...

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Conjunctions and Disjunctions
Octavio Paz
In Conjunctions and Disjunctions, Octavio Paz offers what he calls his “rough draft” for a history of man, which is a history of human nature rather than of men or of cultures and civilizations. For Paz, this history is grounded in the...

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The Last Love of George Sand
A Literary Biography
Evelyne Bloch-Dano
George Sand is one the most celebrated writers and controversial personalities of nineteenth-century France; she is as famous for her bohemian lifestyle as for her written work. The Last Love of George Sand portrays the writer, political activist, and...

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Meanwhile There Are Letters
The Correspondence of Eudora Welty and Ross Macdonald
In 1970, Ross Macdonald wrote a letter to Eudora Welty, beginning a thirteen-year correspondence between fellow writers and kindred spirits. Though separated by background, geography, genre, and his marriage, the two authors shared their lives in...

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Surgeon in Blue
Jonathan Letterman, the Civil War Doctor Who Pioneered Battlefield Care
Scott McGaugh, Scott McGaugh
When Jonathan Letterman was appointed the chief medical officer of the Army of the Potomac, he revolutionized combat medicine over the course of four major battles—Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. He made battlefield...

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The Cook, the Crook, and the Real Estate Tycoon
A Novel of Contemporary China
Liu Zhenyun
The Cook, the Crook, and the Real Estate Tycoon by prize-winning Chinese novelist Liu Zhenyun is a novel of Beijing that paints a microcosm of contemporary China, dealing with classes at the two extremes: the super rich and the migrant workers who...

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The Sudden Disappearance of the Worker Bees
A Commisario Simona Tavianello Mystery
Serge Quadruppani
On vacation with her husband in an idyllic Italian valley located in Piedmont, Roman Police Inspector Simona Tavianello stops at the local beekeeper’s shop to buy some honey, where she finds a body lying in the entrance. Simona tries to avoid...

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How Eight Technologies Made Us Human, Transformed Society, and Brought Our World to the Brink
Richard L Currier
Human life has been repeatedly transformed by certain key technologies, each of which has triggered a profound metamorphosis. The fabrication of weapons, the mastery of fire, and the technologies of clothing and shelter transformed the human body...

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An Improbable Friendship
The Remarkable Lives of Israeli Ruth Dayan and Palestinian Raymonda Tawil and Their Forty-Year Peace Mission
Anthony David
An Improbable Friendship is the dual biography of Israeli Ruth Dayan, now ninety-seven, who was Moshe Dayan’s wife for thirty-seven years, and Palestinian journalist Raymonda Tawil, Yasser Arafat’s mother-in-law, now seventy-four. It...

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