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    A Brief History of the Future
    A Brave and Controversial Look at the Twenty-First Century
    By Jacques Attali, Translated by Jeremy Leggatt
    (Arcade Publishing)
    What will planet Earth be like in twenty years? At mid-century? In the year 2100? Prescient and convincing, this book is a must-read for anyone concerned about the future. Never has the world offered more promise for the future and been more fraught with dangers. Attali anticipates an unraveling of American... [READ MORE]
    Africa Doesn't Matter
    How the West Has Failed the Poorest Continent and What We Can Do About It
    By Giles Bolton
    (Arcade Publishing)
    What happens to the billions of aid dollars given yearly? Why do trade rules that fail African countries also cost us at the checkout line? Why don’t the African people matter? In this engaging, jargon-free, reader-friendly guide, longtime aid worker and diplomat Giles Bolton offers his radical analysis... [READ MORE]
    Assignment: Oswald
    By James P. Hosty, By Thomas Hosty
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Special Agent James Hosty began investigating Lee Harvey Oswald in October 1963, a full month before the JFK assassination. From November 22 on, Hosty watched as everyone from the Dallas Police, the FBI, the CIA, Naval Intelligence, and the State Department up through the Warren Commission to J. Edgar... [READ MORE]
    Capture or Kill
    The Pursuit of the 9/11 Masterminds and the Killing of Osama bin Laden
    By Nick Fielding, By Yosri Fouda
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh, two of bin Laden’s key lieutenants: the masterminds behind the attacks of September 11. Based on the only interview these masterminds of terror ever gave to the media as well as extensive follow-up research, Capture or Kill may be the closest we will get to... [READ MORE]
    Blood of Revolution
    From the Reign of Terror to the Arab Spring
    By Erik Durschmied
    (Arcade Publishing)
    In this fascinating book, the author of The Hinge Factor and The Weather Factor surveys revolutions across the centuries, vividly portraying the people and events that brought wrenching, often enduring—and always bloody—change to countries and societies almost overnight. Durschmied begins with the French... [READ MORE]
    Cambodia: Report From a Stricken Land
    By Henry Kamm
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Based on his observations over three decades, Henry Kamm, Pulitzer Prize-winning NEW YORK TIMES Southeast Asia correspondent, unravels the complexities of Cambodia. Kamm's invaluable document--a factual and personal account of its troubled history-- gives the Western reader the first clear understanding... [READ MORE]
    Witness to Nuremberg
    The Many Lives of the Man who Translated at the Nazi War Trials
    By Richard W. Sonnenfeldt
    (Arcade Publishing)
    In Witness to Nuremberg, the chief interpreter for the American prosecution at the Nuremberg trials after World War II offers his insights into dealing directly with Hermann Goering, a leading member of the Nazi Party, as well as the story of his own colorful, eventful life before and after the trials.... [READ MORE]
    The Women Who Wrote the War
    The Compelling Story of the Path-breaking Women War Correspondents of World War II
    By Nancy Caldwell Sorel
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Here’s how a hundred brave American women left their families and entered the combat-zone to chronicle what they saw. Nancy Sorel’s portrait pays homage to these unsung heroes. They came from Boston, New York, Milwaukee, and St. Louis; from Yakima, Washington; Austin, Texas; and Sioux City, Iowa; from... [READ MORE]
    Virtue, Valor, and Vanity
    The Inside Story of the Founding Fathers and the Price of a More Perfect Union
    By Eric Burns
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Washington, Adams, Henry, Jefferson, Franklin, and Hamilton: their ambitions, intrigues, and jealousies shaped the birth of the nation, but they overcame their foibles and imperfections to throw off the chains of tyranny and form a more perfect union. We think of them now as faces on money or statues... [READ MORE]
    The Incredible Wartime Exploits of Double Agent Eddie Chapman
    By Nicholas Booth
    (Arcade Publishing)
    The most remarkable double agent of World War II, Eddie Chapman was witty, handsome, and charming. Too bad he was also a con man, womanizer, and safe-cracker. To the British, though, he was known as ZigZag, one of MI5’s most valuable agents. To the Abwehr—German military intelligence—he was known as... [READ MORE]
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