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    The Freemasons
    A History of the World's Most Powerful Secret Society
    By Jasper Ridley
    (Arcade Publishing)
    What did Mozart and Bach, Oscar Wilde and Anthony Trollope, George Washington and Frederick the Great, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt have in common? They were all Freemasons, a subject of endless fascination. To the layman, they are a mysterious brotherhood of profound if uncertain influence,... [READ MORE]
    France on the Brink
    A Great Civilization in the New Century
    By Jonathan Fenby
    (Arcade Publishing)
    This completely revised and fully updated edition of the book Bill Bryson called “superb” presents a sharply insightful, authoritative portrait of France today as it struggles to live up to its vision of itself amid storm clouds that won’t go away.France on the Brink was chosen as a New York Times book... [READ MORE]
    Long Way Back to the River Kwai
    Memories of World War II
    By Loet Velmans
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Loet Velmans was seventeen when the Germans invaded Holland. He and his family fled to London on the Dutch Coast Guard cutter Seaman’s Hope and then sailed to the Dutch East Indies—now Indonesia—where he joined the Dutch army. In March 1942, the Japanese invaded the archipelago and made prisoners of... [READ MORE]
    My Longest Night
    By Genevieve Duboscq
    (Arcade Publishing)
    "So direct and unaffected that the mot juste is 'amateur' in the original sense of the one who embarks on a project motivated by love and conviction rather than for gain.”—Los Angeles Times Fifty years have passed since the Normandy landing that began the liberation of France from Nazi occupation. This... [READ MORE]
    Roman's Journey
    An Extraordinary Odyssey of Holocaust Survival
    By Roman Halter, Preface by Martin Gilbert
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Roman Halter was a spirited, optimistic schoolboy in 1939 when he and his family gathered behind the curtains to watch the Volksdeutsche (German Polish) neighbors of their small town in western Poland greet the arrival of Hitler’s armies with kisses and swastika flags. Within days, the family home had... [READ MORE]
    Cosmos, Earth, and Mankind
    By Yves Coppens, By Hubert Reeves, By Dominique Simonnet, By Joel de Rosney
    (Arcade Publishing)
    In this potent book, three eminent scientists—an astrophysicist, an organic chemist, and an anthropologist—ponder and discuss some of the basic questions that have obsessed humankind through the ages, and offer thoughtful, enlightening answers in terms the layperson can easily understand. Until now,... [READ MORE]
    Rather Die Fighting
    A Memoir of World War II
    By Frank Blaichman, Introduction by Martin Gilbert
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Frank Blaichman was sixteen years old when the war broke out. In 1942, the killings began in Poland. With his family and friends decimated by the roundups, Blaichman decided that he would rather die fighting; he set off for the forest to find the underground bunkers of Jews who had already escaped. Together... [READ MORE]
    A Biography
    By Frank McLynn
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Author McLynn explores the Promethean legend from his Corsican roots, through the chaotic years of the French Revolution and his extraordinary military triumphs, to the coronation in 1804, to his fatal decision in 1812 to add Russia to his seemingly endless conquests, and his ultimate defeat, imprisonment,... [READ MORE]
    The Young Hitler I Knew
    The Definitive Inside Look at the Artist Who Became a Monster
    By August Kubizek, Introduction by Ian Kershaw
    (Arcade Publishing)
    August Kubizek met Adolf Hitler in 1904 while they competed for standing room at the opera. Kubizek describes a reticent young man, painfully shy, yet capable of bursting into hysterical fits of anger if anyone disagreed with him. But they grew close, often talking for hours on end. In 1908, they began... [READ MORE]
    Hitler's Savage Canary
    A History of the Danish Resistance in World War II
    By David Lampe, Foreword by Birger Riis-Jørgensen
    (Arcade Publishing)
    After Adolph Hitler made plans to create a “model protectorate” out of Denmark, Winston Churchill predicted the nation would become the Fuhrer’s tame canary. Isolated from the Allies and fueled only by a sense of human decency and national pride, the Danes created an extraordinary resistance movement... [READ MORE]
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