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    The Search for Cleopatra
    The True Story of History's Most Intriguing Woman
    By Michael Foss
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Cleopatra is wreathed by so many outsized myths that it is sometimes difficult to tell the woman from the legend. For centuries, historians have scarcely deviated from the occidental, Horatian portrayal of an Eastern temptress bent on bringing down the great men of Rome. Michael Foss looks through and... [READ MORE]
    From Midnight to the Millennium and Beyond
    By Shashi Tharoor
    (Arcade Publishing)
    At the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, a new nation was born. It has seventeen major languages and 22,000 distinct dialects. It has over a billion individuals of every ethnic extraction known to humanity. It has a population that is 32 percent illiterate, but also one of the world’s largest pools... [READ MORE]
    Imperial Legend
    The Mysterious Disappearance of Tsar Alexander I
    By Alexis S. Troubetzkoy
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Alexander I, one of Russia’s greatest emperors, beloved of his subjects for his many liberalizing works and reforms domestically, and for his astounding—and unexpected—victory over the presumably invulnerable Napoleon Bonaparte, reigned from 1801 to late 1825. But despite his many glittering successes... [READ MORE]
    The Nobel Prize
    A History of Genius, Controversy, and Prestige
    By Burton Feldman
    (Arcade Publishing)
    Founded by the brilliant, misanthropic inventor of dynamite, the Nobel Prize has for a hundred years claimed to identify the summit of human achievement. But what exactly is the Nobel Institution? How does it choose its winners? Has it ever made a mistake? And why does the prize hold such importance?... [READ MORE]
    Scrolling Forward, Second Edition
    Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age
    By David M. Levy, Foreword by Ruth Ozeki
    (Arcade Publishing)
    A fascinating, insightful, and wonderfully written exploration of the document.Like Henry Petroski’s The Pencil, David Levy’s Scrolling Forward takes a common, everyday object, the document, and illuminates what it reveals about us, both in the past and in the digital age.We are surrounded daily by documents... [READ MORE]
    Surgeon in Blue
    Jonathan Letterman, the Civil War Doctor Who Pioneered Battlefield Care
    By Scott McGaugh
    (Arcade Publishing)
    A New York Times Best Seller!When Jonathan Letterman was appointed the chief medical officer of the Army of the Potomac, he revolutionized combat medicine over the course of four major battles—Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. He made battlefield survival possible by creating... [READ MORE]
    Donovan's Devils
    OSS Commandos Behind Enemy Lines&mdash;Europe, World War II
    By Albert Lulushi
    (Arcade Publishing)
    The stirring, little-known story of the forerunners to today's Special Forces. The OSS—Office of Strategic Services—created under the command of William Donovan, has been celebrated for its cloak-and-dagger operations during World War II and as the precursor of the CIA. As the "Oh So Social," it has... [READ MORE]
    The Secrets of the Notebook
    A Woman's Quest to Uncover Her Royal Family Secret
    By Eve Haas
    (Arcade Publishing)
    A New York Times bestseller, the true story of a girl who learns she's descended from a princess, told with the suspense of a Cold War thriller. “The beautiful owner of this book is dearer to me than my life – August your protector.” This one sentence was the key to a mystery involving some of the greatest... [READ MORE]
    Night Fighter
    An Insider's Story of Special Ops from Korea to SEAL Team 6
    By William H. Hamilton, By Charles W. Sasser
    (Arcade Publishing)
    For readers of American Sniper, the stirring account of a life of service by the “father of the US Navy SEALs” One month after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, when President John F. Kennedy pressed Congress about America’s “urgent national needs,” he named expanding US special operations forces along with putting... [READ MORE]
    No Time for the Truth
    The Haditha Incident and the Search for Justice
    By Nathaniel R. Helms, By Haytham Faraj
    (Arcade Publishing)
    An Unflinching Look at a Black Chapter in Our War in Iraq and America’s Failure to Serve Justice In the waning days of 2005, twelve Marines were ambushed by Sunni Muslim insurgents on Route Chestnut, an ancient Mesopotamian road at the south edge of Haditha, Iraq, when an IED detonated under one of four... [READ MORE]
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